Monday, May 4, 2009

Air pollution then and now

As I said in my initial posting, I'm going to make posts featuring images from DOCUMERICA. Learn more about DOCUMERICA. For today's post I'm starting with a photograph taken by Marc St. Gil, one of the many photographers who participated in the project. The image is of a factory in Houston, Texas, taken in April 1972. The name of the factory is unknown. This image appeared in numerous publications and exhibits relating to pollution issues during the 1970s and can be considered an iconic image of the air pollution crisis during that era.

St. Gil titled the photograph Smoke from burning of old auto batteries. This link directs you to a catalog record for St. Gil's photograph in ARC at the National Archives. Once at the catalog record, click the Digital Copies tab to see the color image. I'm interested to know your reactions to the image.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Is there any way that you can show the photos directly in your blog instead of linking to the catalog? Thanks.

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