Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Chicken "Coup" in Hyattsville, Maryland?

Yours Truly has started a campaign to return chickens and chicken coops to Hyattsville, Maryland. My family wants fresh organic eggs raised without chemicals, without the demand for long distance shipping from the sources and without cruel treatment of animals. I've contacted a member of the Hyattsville City Council asking for help on changing the current city law that prohibits keeping chickens as pets, food or otherwise. I hope I can report, sometime in the near future, that chickens for egg raising are welcome once again in the Maryland suburbs.
Let me know your thoughts on the returning trend of urban chicken coops.
The accompanying photograph comes from the DOCUMERICA collection at the National Archives. World-famous photographer Charles O'Rear took this photograph of farmer John Dolezal collecting chicken eggs in May 1973 on Dolezal's farm near Bee, Nebraska.


  1. Great idea! Go, OSG, go!

    See also the comments on this post about keeping chickens:


  2. Did someone send you the link to the NPR story about this recently? I think they profiled someone in Georgia for the story, but the issues are the same.

  3. Here's an update about the "city chickens":


  4. Hi Jerry! I found this page from the recent article in the Hyattsville newsletter, which someone linked to on the backyardchickens.com forum. I live in Brentwood and just last night met with a group of PG residents who want to organize to change both the county and individual city ordinances. I hope you can join us - you can apply for membership at our google group, which is called "Prince George's Chickens". Right now we are getting ourselves organized and hope to launch things more publicly soon. We would love to join forces with you!